Star Wars: Vader Immortal Grand Hall Concept Art

UPDATE: Finnian MacManus has asked we remove the images, as he wasn’t allowed to publish them, and LucasFilm requested he remove them, so we have until they return to the public domain.

Lucasfilm Concept Artist Finnian MacManus has been working on Vader Immortal, especially the Grand Hall, which he’s given it such a cool and awesome gothic vibe, almost like what you might find hidden in the vaults of the Vatican.

Here’s what Finnian had to say about working on the project

“Had a blast working on this experience at ILM a while back – It was a very fun project because of how much lore we could add from the SW universe. I have always been a huge SW nerd so many of the items from the books and games I tried to include as props. 
The final design for the experience is definitely different, I’m not sure of how much from here made it through, congrats to the XLAB team at ILM as its extremely fun! I would recommend everyone to check it out!! “

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