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Observe the Skies

I have to say since I was a small ‘skinny’ lad, I’ve always liked staring into space at night, hoping to see a shooting star or something more spectacular. I guess I was almost like the quote from the Star Wars classic The Empire Strikes Back.

All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. What he was doing.

So now with photography as a renewed passion, now turning into an obsession! I’ve begun taking images of the night sky, in particularly recently of the International Space Station flying over Leeds.

A few images below, with lots more to follow over the coming months/years hopefully.

Also I’m aiming to the photography some Planets, I bought a telescope recently, so I just need a camera attachment and I’m away. Managed this shot of the Moon recently with a Canon 300mm zoom lens.

Shoot The Moon

On a final note, you may ask why I aptly titled this page ‘Observe the Skies’…well! a good friend Phil Dean recommended I checkout a band called British Sea Power, which I did and loved instantly, having now devoured all their albums and also seen them live twice, I though it appropriate to name it after a track from their Valhalla Dancehall album.

38 thoughts on “Observe the Skies”

  1. I saw Jupiter’s coloured stripes early the other morning and later that same evening, It was truly a fantastic moment. Even better was you could see its 4 biggest moons aligned, Io, Europa, Ganymede & Callisto.

    I’ll get photo’s soon, just need a rich parent to buy me a camera attachment:)

  2. The parent says christmas and birthday coming up soon. A camera attachement could be on its way if the letter goes to santa on time. And you are a good boy.Give us a quote.

  3. Carl, I just dropped in to say many thanks for subscribing to Learning from Dogs but just captivated by the photos above. You may like to take note of 2 posts coming out tomorrow – won’t say any more just now.

    So greetings from this (very) ex-Londoner now living in Arizona.

  4. Hi, Thank you for stopping by my corner of the world, and following my blog! I hope you continue to enjoy my work. I admire you photos and I look forward to seeing more in the future!

  5. Carl, I just wanted to thank you for your presence on my site. I had to come see who you were, and, of course, there’s Yoda’s wisdom in your tag line! Your photography is gorgeous.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Love the moon picture. I have been fascinated by sunsets lately and have been following and capturing them on my modest camera. Its amazing how each day brings a new one to paint the sky.

  7. Do or do not, there is not try… oh wise one. I love the way you captured the night life above us. The sky is more interesting when it’s dark and pitch black, total darkness, when one could see the constellation with a naked eye. I really on experts like to give me a of the planetary view for I own no camera. Thank you.

  8. I always try to step outside to watch the ISS as it passes overhead. I thought I was the only person who’s that nerdy….
    These are really nice shots! I hope you get that camera attachment soon!

  9. Ah, a fellow sky chaser. But you chase and capture the skies and everything in it more thoroughly, like Skywalker on his X-wing fighter going after the bad guys 🙂 wonderful images! I enjoyed them a lot! Keep on clicking, and may the Force be with you!

  10. British Sea Power are a great band, Carl. You have good taste. Really enjoying your blog. You may like ‘The Slow Show’, a fairly new Manchester band described by some as Northern Americana (they even use a bit of brass band in the mix).

  11. I had such a wonderful time wandering in your photos…beautiful..
    and thank you for introducing me to a new band…I liked the music and the video very much…
    I will be back for for of your thoughts in photos…
    Take care…

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