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Happy Christmas

This blog is really simple…I’ll let the typography and hand-lettering I’ve created do the talking… ♥Carl


Type in the Dark

You know how I love ‘GIF’s’ on MilnersBlog….the Graphics Interchange Format that was originally introduced by CompuServe in 1987, but it’s now truly inspiring how these ‘simple’ GIF Animations are now expanding to really become a new and true art-form, none more so than this typographical one by MountStara Motion Graphic Designer and 3D Illustrator from Fukuoka in Japan who is seriously ‘raising-the-bar’ in the field of Digital GIF animations, especially with his latest project Hidden Typography

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Colour of Music & Song

Colour of Song Poster by Dorothy © 2012
Colour of Song

Dorothy, who brought us the brilliantly detailed Song and Film Map featured earlier on MilnersBlog have just released two gorgeous ‘yet simple’ styled ‘Pantone’ prints which celebrate colourful song titles and band names by displaying them in colour wheels that look very reminiscent of vinyl LPs…

The Colour of Song print features titles from 576 songs including classics like Back in Black, Brown Sugar, Fools Gold, and Blue Monday. Meanwhile, The Colour of Music poster includes the names of 154 musical artists, from Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and Orange Juice – to the more obscure Silver Apples, Black Flag and the Green Telescope.

Both prints are available to buy from 

Trick or Treacle

Tate & Lyle have brilliantly injected some exquisite seasonal fun into their Black Treacle packaging for Halloween, with the help of Design Bridge they’ve created this Trick or Treacle concept which is the first radical change to the original Lyle’s black treacle tin since it was launched in 1950… I’m buying some

Creative CV/Resume Design

Although they don’t suit every job application out there. But if you were to apply for a creative job, these inspirational designs are the ideal format to land on any Creative Directors desk.

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