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The Planet Leeds

The sunset over Leeds on Sunday looked so magical when we was returning from our cold day visiting the Christmas Markets in Wetherby & Knaresborough, I quickly pulled over the car and captured this celestial skyscape, but it wasn’t until the lovely Wife said it looks like sand dunes when you looked at it upside down, but…when I did, I instantly saw something completely different …A PLANET, it was as if I’d photographed the Planet Earth whilst sitting in the International Space Station (wishful thing on my part).

Hope you like it, and watch out for more post over the coming days, even one about why I haven’t posted a blog in over 3 months.

Carl ūüôā

Carnival Colours

Leeds Carnival 2013

On Sunday I witnessed¬†multi culturalism, cohesion and community integration on a scale I’ve never seen in Leeds, it was on a bank holiday weekend where¬†the sun had kept away for most of us, luckily it only rained on the Leeds Festival, but even old Mr Sunshine couldn‚Äôt resist coming out to enjoy the colourful delights of the city‚Äôs annual Leeds West Indian¬†Carnival. It looked like literally¬†thousands of people had flocked to the streets around Potternewton Park to show their solidarity and community harmony on this¬†sunny Carnival day, which also had some of the most amazing sizzling Caribbean food on offer, with all the carnival chef’s seemingly having a friendly¬†competition to see who could cook the best Jerk Chicken in their BBQ Drum smokers…I’ve got to say the smell from them was off the scale!!

While we enjoyed these delights, the parade wound its way through the inner city streets of Leeds, then finally making their way back to¬†Potternewton Park where we waited for their return, and even though they had walked and danced for over 3 hours through Chapeltown, Harehills and circling the city centre in all their glorious menagerie of hand-made ‘heavy’ costumes¬†in this late summer heat, there was still a smile on every face, which¬†I hope you can see in the photography below that I captured on this wonderful day in Leeds.

The Clock Tower Trilogy

Part 1: Leeds Town Hall

The Leeds Town Hall 29 ¬© Carl Milner 2012I’ve recently managed to photograph two amazing clock towers and with a third one in the pipeline I thought I’d share them in a trilogy format of photo-blogs. The first in this series is Cuthbert Brodrick‚Äôs Town Hall which is truly one of the finest jewels of Victorian architecture at the heart of Leeds in my opinion. So when I noticed a ‘one-off’ tour was part of the Leeds Light Night festival recently it was our first port of call, but sadly this un-bookable event was already booked up when we arrived, but!!! to my delight a phone number was left for a catch-up tour for a few weeks later, so a quick call and our places were booked, and I‚Äôd finally get to see the hidden, secret side to this wonderful building.

On a glorious sunny Saturday morning with ‚̧Wifey on my arm and the trusty camera on the other, the Town Hall Clock Tower was our first port of call, the assent to the tower was by stairs (203 of them) and not for the faint hearted. Throughout the 90 minute tour our guide was Dr Kate Vigurs, an experienced and engaging historian who was very knowledgeable about the whole workings of the Town Hall clock; she also gives some quite insightful stories about the whole building, especially its courtroom and the characters of old that once stood in the dock.

It seem after that mornings tour of the historic clock tower, it’s now to become a permanent Saturday fixture in 2013, so with or without a camera I‚Äôd highly recommend this tour…but if you don‚Äôt take one, you‚Äôll wish you had when you get out onto the parapets around the clock tower and witness the amazing vistas of Leeds that await you.

I hope you enjoy the gallery…I’ve also added some really interesting ‘Did you know’ facts about the Town Hall within each ones description… just click on any image to launch the Image¬†Carousel¬†ūüôā

…..The next two in the Clock Tower Trilogy are both ‘No Public Allowed’ photo-tours.

The Golden Cauldron

Sunday the 24th of June 2012 was the day the Olympic torch finally arrived in Leeds, something we in the Milner family had been really looking forward to seeing. Luckily for us Leeds had been¬†chosen¬†as one-of-the-four cities to host a Celebration Concert to witness the Olympic Torches arrival. Thankfully we’d managed to get passes to this ‘ticket-only’ event which was held at our favourite place for walking the dog ‘Temple Newsam’ …but instead of the tranquil peace that usual greats us when we arrive, we were¬†greeted¬†to the grounds filled with 25-30,000 screaming people.
Olympic Torch Leeds Celebration Concert Temple Newsam Crowd
The uniqueness of this event was not the all the free Coca Cola, beat pads, inflatables and ribbons to express ourselves at the entertainment from the event sponsors, for me it was the majestic Golden Olympic Caldron set on the stage in pride of place.
Olympic Torch Leeds Lighting The Golden Cauldron
Olympic Torch Leeds Celebration Concert at Temple Newsam Family Fun Day  Olympic Torch Leeds Celebration Concert _ Look Norths Harry Gration Picking his Nose  Olympic Torch Leeds Celebration Concert Police Olympic Torch Leeds Celebration Concert The Tribes  Olympic Torch Leeds Celebration Concert at Temple Newsam Stage Act  Olympic Torch Leeds Celebration Concert Diversity
We were subjected to a few bands¬†neither¬†me or the¬†Girlie’s¬†had heard of, the likes of Tribes, Friendly Fires and Little Comets, it was only when Britain’s Got Talents TV-made stars Pump & Grind and Diversity arrived on stage that we¬†recognised¬†anyone: How Sad..
Olympic Torch arrives at Temple Newsam Leeds  Olympic Torch Leeds Lighting The Cauldron 1  Olympic Torch Leeds Lighting The Cauldron
Thankfully on this unexpectedly sun-drenched day, 13-year-old Aaron Bell a 7th Dan Black Belt finally brought the iconic flaming Olympic Torch from Temple Newsam House to a specially erected stage and ignited the cauldron.
Olympic Torch Leeds Face in the Fire
Olympic Torch Leeds Celebration Concert Temple Newsam Crowds

The following day I witnessed the¬†Olympic Torch Relay again, this time outside the Studio in Wakefield, it was only because Olympic Sponsors Coca Cola’s main bottling plant was just around the corner that it came this way, but this time I got to see all the floats go passing by. Yet again it was quite a party atmosphere, which was quite¬†unusual¬†at the side of the road. There was a few ‘bar-humbug’ types from the office, but looking past all the political stuff and whats it’s costing us taxpayers, I thoroughly enjoyed both events and are quite looking forward now to the actual¬†Main Event.
The Olympic Torch Wakefield