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Cat-At Walker

Here’s a really fun piece of Star Wars geek art by Mike Joos that shows a Cat At-At hybrid (cAT-AT) about to be taken out be a Rebel Snowspeeder using wool as its harpoon and cable. This beautiful image really appeals to my inner geek, especially been a monstrous Star Wars fan and cat lover myself. Star Wars Cat-At Walker
Complete randomness can be adorably awesome sometimes!


Revenge of the Sandpeople

Another brilliant ‘Geek-Art’ poster from Mark Steele & , superbly inspired by the horror movies posters of the 60-70s with a Star Wars twist…excellent!!Revenge of the Sandpeople

Paint Spattered Star Wars

After having paint splattered some awesome Marvel icons, Arian Noveir Strikes Back with these brilliantly executed Star Wars main characters
Star Wars Paint Splattered Stormtrooper

‘8-Bit’ Cult Movie Characters

Australian illustrator Fitz Fitzpatrick has brilliantly portrayed popular cult movie characters as ‘pixelated’ 8-bit characters. The pixel art is inspired by a trilogy of movies from likes as Alien, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings and of course Star Wars.

Alien 8Bit Pixel Characters
Alien ‘8-Bit’ Pixel Characters from Alien, Aliens & Alien 3

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