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Dark Oak Vader

Darth Vader Wood Sculpture Holly-Wood Scultpures MilnersBlog

Anthony Knapik and Emmanuel Lugand of retouching studio The Mouse have created these ace wood characters.

Mickey Mouse Wood Sculpture Holly-Wood Scultpures MilnersBlogSonic the Hedgehog Wood Sculpture Holly-Wood Scultpures MilnersBlogSuper Mario Wood Sculpture Holly-Wood Scultpures MilnersBlog


Cantina Royale

Who shot first Han Solo or Greedo is the age-old debate with Star Wars fans, but at least this glorious poster by Laubi gives Han a ‘License to Kill’Cantina Royale

Official Star Wars iPhone Case

Official Star Wars iPhone CoversAt the E3 Expo, accessory maker PowerA announced a new line of officially licensed Star Wars iPhone cases, one or two are quite cool, but alas, no Han Solo encased in Carbonite? (Actually, somebody already did that.. which we had on MilnersBlog a few months ago)
Official Star Wars R2 D2 iPhone Case
Official Star Wars A New Hope iPhone Case
Official Star Wars Chewbacca iPhone Case
My favourite, a furry tactile Chewbacca case

Cat-At Walker

Here’s a really fun piece of Star Wars geek art by Mike Joos that shows a Cat At-At hybrid (cAT-AT) about to be taken out be a Rebel Snowspeeder using wool as its harpoon and cable. This beautiful image really appeals to my inner geek, especially been a monstrous Star Wars fan and cat lover myself. Star Wars Cat-At Walker
Complete randomness can be adorably awesome sometimes!