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A Word A Week Challenge – Garden

The ‘A Word A Week Photo Challenge‘ this week is Garden, a theme which takes me back to my Dad’s gardens as I grew up, something which he was always passionate about, constantly tending to his raised beds on a daily basis, I too seem to have inherited this fondness for green finger gardening, none more so than in my current house, which I wanted to buy after seeing its garden for the first time ‘before’ I’d even entered the house.

Dad’s current garden (pictured above) is quite a special one, as it was this year that he won the Gold Medal for the Leeds in Bloom ‘Private Summer Garden’ Category, he also picked up Gold in the ‘Disability’ category as well. Not long after this picture was taken he dug up and removed most of the plants to prepare for his Spring 2013 Garden, which he’s now currently hard at work on…

Fingers crossed it can be another Gold winning year for him.

White Weather

Temple Newsam in the Snow 2013

This weeks great ‘A Word A Week Photo Challenge‘ is Weather.. and there’s only one word to describe what its like in Leeds at the moment and that is WHITE.

Temple Newsam House and Grounds in the Snow 2013

I was inspired by Lucy Gutteridge’s excellent post called Black and White Winter for these shots..check out her amazing shot as well…

Teasle flower at Temple Newsam in the Snow

Temple Newsam House in the Snow 2013

Cloud Landscape

A Word A Week Photo Challenge Clouds 04 ©Carl Milner 2013
I’m late again to the party for submitting to the ‘A Word A Week Photo Challenge’ …but for good reason…as with this week’s theme being such a favourite photographic subject of mine ‘CLOUDS’ I didn’t just want to submit historical shots (which I have hundreds) …instead I decided to take some new and more immediate shots of clouds from when the challenge started. Worryingly the weather has been so dull and grey in Leeds, which you’ll see from my photo called Grey Landscape, I thought I might have submit old shots, but luckily we had one sunrise and a sunset yesterday that proved perfect for the theme….

I hope you like them.

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Wood Face

Nose Hair

I often take photographs of this psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia which involves seeing a vague and random stimulus being perceived as a significant image, often a face. So for this Word of the Week Photo Challenge – ‘Wood’ I’ve shown two examples of animals/faces that I’ve seen in old tree bark.

Wood Rabbit
Wood Rabbit