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Once in a Blue Moon

Well skywatchers, tonight (Friday the 31st of August 2012) is that very rare occasion marking the second full moon of August (the previous one occurred on August the 2nd, previous shown on MilnersBlog). It’s so rare, you won’t be able to see two full moons in a calendar month again until July 2015, which is the reason why the phrase ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ appears.The Blue Moon 31st of August 2012
Alas, if you’re hoping to see a “blue moon” you won’t…it isn’t really blue, as my colourised image suggests. The only way a moon can appear somewhat blue is if there’s been a major volcanic eruption that throws up tons of particles in the air, but otherwise the phrase “blue moon” is quite a creature of folklore, with so many claiming its origins, but research has found as the earliest recorded English true usage of the term “blue moon” was in a 1524 pamphlet violently attacking the English clergy, entitled “Rede Me and Be Not Wrothe” (“Read me and be not angry”; or possibly “Counsel Me and Be Not Angry”: “If they say the moon is belewe / We must believe that it is true” [If they say the moon is blue, we must believe that it is true].
Blue Moon 31st of August 2012
Tonight’s Blue Moon will be unique for another truly beautiful reason: It will shine over the private memorial service for astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. He died last Saturday, August 25, at age 82. His family “has suggested paying tribute to him by looking at the moon and giving the astronaut a wink.” I already did my own tribute to his families ‘Wink at the Moon‘ for Neil idea in my last post on MilnersBlog.


Blue Moon images now on @NASAGoddard’s Flickr Page …Click here

Luna in a Sea of Clouds

Moon in a Sea of Clouds MilnersBlog No1
Moon in a Sea of Clouds MilnersBlog No3
Moon in a Sea of Clouds No4

Luna was a strange girl, she was pretty mad
When we felt sorry for ourselves she’d say it’s not so bad
Even the galaxies weep for the suns and the stars they’ll never be
We all laughed but we also felt quite sad

Luna by British Sea Power, extract from Valhalla Dancehall 

Moon Jet

Jet crossing the Moon over Leeds
This is one photograph I’ve wanted to capture for such a long time, I had a few near misses 6 months ago, but this morning it was a case of perfect timing to capture a Passenger Jet crossing the face of the Waning Gibbous August Moon over Leeds.
Moon and a Jet Sequence

The August Full Moon

The August Full Moon 2012
The August full moon has many names, in Colonial America it’s the Dog Day’s Moon, in China its the Harvest Moon, Native American Indian’s (Cherokee) called it the Fruit Moon (Choctaw) called it Women’s Moon and (Dakota Sioux) said its was the ‘Moon When All Things Ripen‘. The English Celtic name is the Dispute Moon, whereas Medieval England named it the Corn Moon, but Neo Pagan named it the best for me the Lightening Moon.
The August Full Moon 2012 Corn Moon