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On the way to Kettlewell

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, something I haven’t done in a long while, and for this week’s photo challenge, they asked us to stop and photograph something we experienced or witnessed something interesting thing On The Way to our final destination.

This a photo taken at Kilnsey Park Trout Farm nestled under the Kilnsey Crag when we stopped off at for a few minutes on our way to the Kettlewell Mayfest in the Yorkshire Dales…which was a fabulous day out, so I’ve included a few photographs of that as well below.

On the Way

The Leeds Eclipse

20th March 2015 at 9:33am was a day long remembered in Leeds for me, as we had a near total Solar Eclipse…another ‘Bucket List’ photography moment. It was an event I’ve had on my radar for a quite some years, ever since I discovered it on the Nasa Eclipse website, where they had a great map showing it’s path across the UK with its totality over the FaroeSE2015Mar20T Islands and the Yorkshire region enjoying a 90% eclipse. I had looked into travelling to the Islands and also the northern tips of Scotland but decided I wanted to witness it in my hometown, which I’m so glad I did as Scotland and the Islands had dense cloud cover. Instead I opted for finding a high vantage point within the city and having done quite a few scouting missions to find the right spot and angle for some nice views across Leeds, I found the Leeds General Infirmary was that ideal spot for me and went about getting permission through lots of emails to use their Roof Garden which I’m greatly thankful for.

On the actual day I’d got in work quite early, allowing me to take a few hours break of my own time to capture the event, but like Scotland, Leeds also had a cover of cloud, but it wasn’t thick enough to stop us getting a great view of the solar eclipse through some lovely breaks in the clouds. As 9:33 approached the skies greyed and a dawn-like chill came into the air as the moon crossed in front of the sun, and just at that moment the clouds thickened with only a few glimpses of the eclipse through breaks in the cloud.

…A day long remembered

Hello sunbeam! Sorry it had to be done, it did look like a vast smile radiating across the heavens of Leeds

Best of 2014

Ansel Adams said…

“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop”

Not sure these images from my Flickr account in 2014 qualify, but going by the number of people looking at them I think they’re in with a good shout.

City of Light
City of Light was my most popular photo of 2014 on Flickr, attracting over 37,000 hits… WOWZA!!

Bokeh Morning
Bokeh Morning attracted over 6,500 hits.

Heavenly Light at Easter
Heavenly Light at Easter nearly hit the 10K mark with 9,522 views.

Galaxies in the Rainbow...?
Galaxies in the Rainbow…?

You get the picture now with the hits, these top 12 are chosen by you…except number 12, which is my favourite.

The Tower Bridge Gateway
The Tower Bridge Gateway

The London Gherkin & The Chimney Pots ...great name for a band
The London Gherkin and The Chimney Pots …great name for a band

Mammatus Cloud action over #Leeds after the #thunderstorms
Mammatus Cloud action over Leeds after the thunderstorms

Punch Hole in the Clouds with Crepuscular Rays
Punch Hole in the Clouds with Crepuscular Rays

The Abbey
The Abbey at Kirkstall

Old abandoned gas station
Old abandoned gas station

The Bokeh Big Bang of Nature
The Bokeh Big Bang of Nature

…And finally number 12, my favourite photo of 2014

Me & my Girls

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Pride & Joy #family #selfie

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Shadow of the Dog

Happy is back!

Last time my little angel of a dog was on this blog was for The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for the word Happy, in which you had to post something which made you happy, so I did a blog about my lovely dog, although I did have to apologise to my Wifey and Girls for not doing it about them, the post even got Freshly Pressed by WordPress, so she got quite a bit of exposure.

Still today she makes me so Happy, as you can see from this ‘light and shade’ photo she posed for a few days ago whilst looking into the sunny garden waiting to see the squirrels.

I think you’ll agree its a perfect submission the WordPress Photo Challenge for the word Shadowed.

Christmas Warmth

“let’s keep things nice and cozy”

Nice subtitle from Wordpress for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge for the word Warmth, so I took it literally, and what better way of showing something cosy than with the family festive Christmas Tree in the Milner household, all glowing by candlelight on a cold winters night.