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Leeds in Yellow

The Tour de Yorkshire may be now over, but my lasting and proudest memory of it was how colourful my hometown looked, it had everything and anything draped in Tour de France yellow…it looked stunning.

I’ve even sold this one ‘The Yellow Nymph’ as my first  print 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

eaOne of the very first WordPress Photo Challenge I ever participated in was Big” so it seems quite fitting I start doing the Photo Challenges again after nearly a 4 month break with the theme GRAND”. The photo’s I’m submitting is of the Leeds Skyline on a very cold night.

I’d managed to sweet talk the security team looking after the City Island residential scheme, on the edge of the city to let me use one their apartments for some night photography. Amazingly he gave me the keys to the empty Penthouse suite ‘Room 102’ on the 19th floor, not ideal for those afraid of heights like me, but I was prepared to overcome this fear in the faint hope of getting some nice shots of the city at night.

This long panorama included the Crescent Moon on the far right with a lovely glint of Earth Shine.

Had to include a B/W shot, as it makes the city lights look so sharp.

I’ve made ALL the images a Gallery Link, so you can see the detail better.

Hope you like them 🙂

For One’s Country

Pro Patria means For One's Country

One of my favourite photos I’ve taken recently was of the inscription Pro Patria (For one’s County) on the The Cenotaph War Memorial in Leeds, the beautiful stonemasons lettering mixed with the crystallisation and marbling really resonates with my artistic tendencies, but most of all is the deathly shadow that eerily graces its surface, almost like the hand of death that took so many of our soldiers lives.

Under this sky
These stars’ beneath
One day
We all have to go for a sleep
In such tiredness!
Like a snowy ocean about to freeze inside a North Pole!
This night
This day
O! This light!
These designs for such a life
Can ever we forget?
Under such a sky!

One day
I might had relished the savor of flesh inside sea water
Felt a heart
So deep
Ah! Falling so much in love!
This vigour
O! Relished so much!
Light stroking the edge of a darkness
Passionate whisper of a night may pine
Always! For a day

This visit!
This conscious vigil
Might have I heard
Yet must end
One day!
Waiting only for such a green harvest
Once ripe
This hand of death will be most soothing!
May hold us all in his chest
Like some sleeplorn
Ah! Like a fugitive lovelorn
Inside such a tender whisper!

Then one by one
Cold, yet such a respite!
That time will surely come
Ah! When it may come
That savor may be most relishing!

The Hand of Death by Shamik Bose

Yorkshire Day

I was kindly invited by @veroce (Veronika from Sweden) to do an #mycountry9 collage of images from my Instagram feed highlighting the beauty of the UK, instead I used images from my home City of Leeds and what a perfect day to post them on Yorkshire Day.
Yorkshire Day in LeedsClick to Enlarge

Also a Poem for Yorkshire Day

What should tha do on Yorkshire day
Tha should wear Thi rose wi pride
Show the world Thi whippets
And the ferrets tha keeps inside
Get dressed up in Thi Sunday best
To get in party mood
But dun’t forget to muck art
Thi pigeons of special brood
For Yorkshire folk enjoy their sens
Eighting pie from enormous plates
Wi dollops of homemade sloppy pei’s
Drinking John Smiths art of crates
They wear a special flat cap
Always wi a smile
And put on their fancy hob nailed boo-it’s
That’s walked a many a mile
But before tha goes to party
Remember the Yorkshire way
And that’s to sew up Thi pockets
So someone else can pay

By Liptrot