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Sky Painting

Sky Painting over Leeds Milners Blog 2
It seem Leeds has been blessed with some of the most stunning evening skies and sunsets recently, these two from Tuesday the 4th of September could almost be paintings in their own right…I’m sure they’ll be more as well over the coming weeks with what looks like the onset of an Indian Summer for us in Leeds…at last!! Continue reading Sky Painting

Luna in a Sea of Clouds

Moon in a Sea of Clouds MilnersBlog No1
Moon in a Sea of Clouds MilnersBlog No3
Moon in a Sea of Clouds No4

Luna was a strange girl, she was pretty mad
When we felt sorry for ourselves she’d say it’s not so bad
Even the galaxies weep for the suns and the stars they’ll never be
We all laughed but we also felt quite sad

Luna by British Sea Power, extract from Valhalla Dancehall