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Official Star Wars iPhone Case

Official Star Wars iPhone CoversAt the E3 Expo, accessory maker PowerA announced a new line of officially licensed Star Wars iPhone cases, one or two are quite cool, but alas, no Han Solo encased in Carbonite? (Actually, somebody already did that.. which we had on MilnersBlog a few months ago)
Official Star Wars R2 D2 iPhone Case
Official Star Wars A New Hope iPhone Case
Official Star Wars Chewbacca iPhone Case
My favourite, a furry tactile Chewbacca case

My Instagram Eye

The Instagram Eye of the Photographer
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With my 340+ Instagram photos, I decided to create a Mosaic photo from them all. Remarkably this was quite  easy to create, I used Instaport to download all my Instagram photos as a zip file, which I then extracted to a folder, then I used  Andrea Mosaic to make the image using the source images and a photograph of my eye for reference. Both pieces of software are free to download.