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LightSpeed in London…

Long exposure photography is quite a passion of mine at the moment, and recently I got the chance to practice this in some of the most iconic places in London.

The one below is a particular favourite of mine, as like The Shard of Light, this one also has a great constellation in the night sky, which is Ursa Major on the right of St Paul’s Cathedral… you may need to click on image to get the large-scale version.

Another subject I like to explore is panoramas, so having the chance to do some of these in London wasn’t an opportunity I was going to miss…


Have you ever felt Scared taking a photograph?

I did taking this shot walking along the Southbank in London whilst taking some night photography, I was trying to stick to the embankment, but I had to make a detour to get to my destination, which was Tower Bridge. I stumbled on this dark and ominous street with a faint light at the end and took this Eerie shot, it felt very cold and spooky in the street at 2.00am. It wasn’t until I got back to Leeds that I realised where I was at the time, it was in fact Clink Street, home of England’s oldest and ‘Most’ notorious medieval prison…The Clink!! …I think it makes the photo feel even more eerie now.