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LightSpeed in London…

Long exposure photography is quite a passion of mine at the moment, and recently I got the chance to practice this in some of the most iconic places in London.

The one below is a particular favourite of mine, as like The Shard of Light, this one also has a great constellation in the night sky, which is Ursa Major on the right of St Paul’s Cathedral… you may need to click on image to get the large-scale version.

Another subject I like to explore is panoramas, so having the chance to do some of these in London wasn’t an opportunity I was going to miss…

Moon Olympics

Full Moon rises through the Olympic rings at Tower Bridge in London 2
Photo: Reuters / Luke MacGregor

These images are quite stunning by Luke MacGregor, it’s as if the moon was staging its own special display while the world’s athletes were putting on a show at the Olympic Stadium yesterday. Luke took these dusky gold shots of the moon as it rose behind the Tower Bridge’s Olympic banner, briefly forming a unique Sixth Ring on the London skyline.
Full moon rises through the Olympic rings at Tower Bridge in London
Photo: Reuters / Luke MacGregor