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Stay Frosty

Stay Frosty ©Carl Milner MilnersBlog
The garden looked quite magical on Sunday morning with the early morning frost, something I didn’t want it to end for all the photo opportunities…hence the title. But it can also mean so many other things, like the act of bidding farewell which has come to mean “be cool,” but more commonly as a cautionary word to stay alert and be on one’s toes, brilliantly used in one of my favourite films Aliens by Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn)

“Hey! I know we’re all in strung out shape but stay frosty and alert. We can’t afford to let one of those bastards in here.” Continue reading Stay Frosty

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Yet another tough WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge with the word Renewal, one you can quite easily do something fairly cliché, so the challenge of finding a non-formulaic image was a tough one. But…whilst walking around the Holbeck Urban Village in Leeds (which in itself is going through its own Urban Renewal) I came across nature doing its piece of renewal in what has to be some its hardest conditions.Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge Renewal MilnersBlog ©Carl Milner 2012

Heron & The Storm

Crane and the Storm over Leeds Sat 17th March 2012

A stunning thunderstorm descended on Leeds yesterday, but something else arrived to escape the impending downpour in the shape of a glorious Heron on top of the neighbours roof, I watched her glide in and land, she then looked out at the approaching weather, ruffled her feathers, as if a shudder had come all over her at the sight.

Luckily I had the camera over my shoulder (as usual) and took these wonderful shots of her and the storm.

Crane and the Storm over Leeds Sat 17th March 2012

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