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Cat Olympics

Cat Olympics - Cycling
What’s not to love about these feline images by Photographer Nicholas Longtin who gave us the brilliant concept of Star Wars montages with cats, he’s now taken his passion for Cat Photo-montages a stage further and PhotoShopped them with athletes from the 2012 London Olympics… ace work again Nicholas đź™‚
Cat Olympics - Weight LiftingCat Olympics - CanoeingCat Olympics - DressageCat Olympics Oscar PistoriusCat Olympics - FencingCat Olympics - Basketball DunkCat Olympics - Mixed Badminton
All images Copyright Nicholas Longtin ©2012

Moon Olympics

Full Moon rises through the Olympic rings at Tower Bridge in London 2
Photo: Reuters / Luke MacGregor

These images are quite stunning by Luke MacGregor, it’s as if the moon was staging its own special display while the world’s athletes were putting on a show at the Olympic Stadium yesterday. Luke took these dusky gold shots of the moon as it rose behind the Tower Bridge’s Olympic banner, briefly forming a unique Sixth Ring on the London skyline.
Full moon rises through the Olympic rings at Tower Bridge in London
Photo: Reuters / Luke MacGregor