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Man of Steel

You already know my love of Ken Taylor’s amazing Mondo work, which I’ve covered already on my blog, but he’s touched my heart string so much with his latest work he’s created for the Man of Steel, its such a stunning, beautiful and innocent vision of the young Clark Kent pretending to be a superhero at a tender age, something all of us ‘Geek Boys’ did at that time, but it’s how he’s captured Clark’s innocence before he has to realise the powers, and the foreboding responsibility he needs to become this man..this ‘Superman’ that needs protect his inherited home world…

…Blimey I didn’t realise how much I was looking forward to this film until now.. Can’t wait the share my thoughts after I’ve seen it…

Mondo Halloween

Halloween Michael Myers Mondo Poster by Ken Taylor
Artist Ken Taylor give’s John Carpenter’s classic horror movie Halloween the Mondo poster treatment, this brilliant poster is for the Debra Hill Film Festival which are screening the film on October 26th and 27th at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles hosted by the Producers Guild of America.
Halloween Michael Myers Mondo Movie Poster by Ken Taylor
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The Master and the Apprentice

Something sadly missed from my 80’s youth is the large and beautifully canvas of ‘album cover’ artwork, such a long-lost platform for artist of today, and at that time the king of the ‘Original’ Mondo style of art was Patrick Nagel who was synonymous for his unholy union with Duran Duran and their cover artwork, most famous of all Rio.
Patrick Nagel Duran Duran Rio Album Cover ArtworkI always liked his unique vision of the contemporary woman coupled with his style of handling colour with quite a rare originality and freedom in which he continually simplified his designs to great effect. Continue reading The Master and the Apprentice