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Cat Olympics

Cat Olympics - Cycling
What’s not to love about these feline images by Photographer Nicholas Longtin who gave us the brilliant concept of Star Wars montages with cats, he’s now taken his passion for Cat Photo-montages a stage further and PhotoShopped them with athletes from the 2012 London Olympics… ace work again Nicholas đź™‚
Cat Olympics - Weight LiftingCat Olympics - CanoeingCat Olympics - DressageCat Olympics Oscar PistoriusCat Olympics - FencingCat Olympics - Basketball DunkCat Olympics - Mixed Badminton
All images Copyright Nicholas Longtin ©2012

Stargazing with Photoshop

On a regular visit to see my lovely sister-in-law at St James’s Hospital “Jimmy’s” in Leeds one evening, where she was recovering from a major cancer operation in the new Bexley Wing, I noticed how wonderful the skyline of the city looked like from the hospitals multi-storey car. Yet again I whipped out the trusty camera and snapped away and got some good shots of the twinkling vista. (above header image)

Feeling quite bored a few nights later when stargazing over Leeds was obscured with clouds, I decided to re-imagine what the City of the Loiners might look like if we lived on Jupiter’s Europa or Saturn’s Titan. So armed with the shots from earlier in the week, a few Google image downloads and the wonders of Adobe’s Photoshop I set about realizing this vision.
Jupiter over Leeds Header MilnersBlog
A few hours later after doing some intricate masking, global hue and saturation changes, adding additional lights and glows and planetary re-positioning…“Voilà!”..
Jupiter over Leeds with Photoshop Wizardry
Saturn over Leeds

PS..The Sister-in-Law is recovery very well, so much so, she returned home today 🙂