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The Sky at Night

RIP Sir Patrick Moore

Sir Patrick Moore The Sky at Night Died 8 12 1212
Pleiades (The Seven Sisters)

If you read this blog, you’ll know I love Astronomy and the Planets, so it’s such sad news for me that the inspiration and institution that is Sir Patrick Moore from the BBC’s The Sky at Night has passed away, he really inspired me right to the very end in more ways than one, it was only the other day on the 6th of December that I feel asleep on the sofa, when I woke up Patrick Moore was on the TV talking about Mercury and the Moon and the latest news from Messenger which is over Mercury at the moment. He more poignantly talked about that it was forty years since the Moon was last visited by man in December 1972 and looked at the legacy that the Apollo 17 missions have left. After the programme finished at 1.30am in the morning, ‘totally inspired’ I got the camera out and spent some time in the garden taking photos of the Orion Constellation and Nebula, also Pleiades (The Seven Sisters) and wider star field shots on what was a crystal clear and cold night. Hopefully one those many stars will be twinkling for him now.

These pictures (which were already named Sky at Night over Leeds) are for you Patrick
…A true inspiration.

Orion The Sky at Night over Leeds 6_12_1212  02
Orion Constellation
Orion The Sky at Night over Leeds 6_12_1212  05
Orion Nebula
Orion The Sky at Night over Leeds 6_12_1212  09
Sky at Night over Leeds

Church Bell Moon

Church Bell Moon
Church Bell Moon [Click to Enlarge]
In the midst of a really busy night yesterday chaffering the Girls to their separate party destinations and also getting wifey and her sister home safely, I managed to grab a bit of ‘Me-Time’ with trusty the camera in a field within the middle of nowhere, namely St Mary’s Church near Saxton (Lonely Church). But this time it was at night and -2 degrees, the field leading to it had suffered from the floods recently so they had turned to these amazing Ice Ponds illuminated by the Moon. The night sky was also an added bonus with Jupiter so bright and Pleiades & Orion so vividly clear. Continue reading Church Bell Moon