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Vantage Point

There’s very few ‘perfect’ vantage points to take photographic vistas of the Leeds Skyline, I can count on one hand the various locations and one of them is my bathroom window, which now has its own hashtag on Instagram #privypics. So I’m always on the look out for that perfect spot for picturesque sunset photography, which I finally seem to have found a few minutes drive away from the house the other week…..enjoy the pics from the last three visits to ‘My Vantage Point’
Vantage Point Carl Milner Photography Sunset over Leeds 01Vantage Point Carl Milner Photography Sunset over Leeds 03 Continue reading Vantage Point

Heading into the Fire

Heading into the Fire

Shot this last night of a plane heading into the Crimson sunset over Leeds, it reminded me later of The Prometheus entering the atmosphere of LV-426 in the films new trailer.

Prometheus Landing on LV-426