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Lumia Architecture

Through work I do a monthly photographic submission to our corporate newsletter, which I follow a set theme of looking at Architecture from a ‘non-architectural’ perspective. Also it has to be one of the buildings designed by the Architectural division within the design company I work for, one of the months I chose their award-winning educational building called Stage@Leeds, part of the School of Performance and Cultural Industries situated within the University of Leeds.

But that month, rather than use the trusty camera, I turned to the Nokia Lumia 925 again, which I’d used on a previous post called Lumia Landscapes that got me featured on Nokia’s website. For this venture I decided to use the new photo app called ‘Oggl’ from the same people who developed Hipstamatic Classic, similarly like that one, you can choose from lots of various creative film stocks and lens/photographic paper styles which can create endless possibilities.

…it’s a bit like Instagram, but with a more photographic twist…

I visited to the Stage@Leeds over various days and captured countless images using lots of styles until I found one which I felt captured my ‘non-architectural’ criteria, it was an infra-red film stock called Alfred lens called Jimmy.

I only submitted the small square of nine images on the lower right hand side for the newsletter, but I thought I’d share with you all the others I’d taken, as some of them appeal to me far more now than those original nine.

..especially the mini Death Star 😉