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Autumn at Temple Newsam

…Sunny Autumn Sunday

…Sunday in the Rain

…Misty morning

A Night at Temple Newsam

Whilst photographing Meteors and Space Stations in my previous blog post (Perseid Meteor Showers) I also managed to capture the haunting stillness of Temple Newsam House at night, although I didn’t get to close to the house, as the famous Blue Lady ghost might have been at home 😦

Hope you enjoy my photo-tour of Temple Newsam House at Night..

Perseid Meteor Shower : 2013

I’m still reeling over the high point of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower which I witnessed over Leeds in the early hours of Tuesday in the grounds of Temple Newsam. It was such a spectacular event to just sit back and cast your eyes to the heavens and watch this celestial “natural firework display” unfold as our Earth’s orbit takes us through a stream of dusty comet fragments left behind when comet Swift-Tuttle passed close to Earth in 1992.

Amazingly my image below was also featured on the local BBC News channel  …Yeah!! 🙂

The meteors appear to come from a point in the constellation of Perseus, hence the name Perseid.

I’ve got to say, to see these meteors burn up as they strike the atmosphere, creating dazzling streaks of light across the night sky was a magical solo experience…apart from the odd fox taking an interest in me and the trusty camera.

While I was in the grounds of Temple Newsam I also managed to capture the International Space Station as it graced the night sky over Leeds.

Opera in the Park : Leeds

Set in the stunning surroundings of Temple Newsam Park, Opera in the Park is one of the highlight events of our year in Leeds, armed with our delicious wines and cheeses and heavy deck-chairs we descend on the Park in out thousands to listen to Opera on what is a very civilised night for us Yorkshire folk. This year I managed to get hold of Media pass form Leeds City Council so I could get really ‘Upfront & Personal’ to the artist who Aled Jones introduced to the stage, there was Classic Brit Award-nominee Laura Wright, rising stars Amore, the operatic quartet of Royal College of Music graduates all accompanied by the Orchestra of Opera North together with the Leeds Festival Chorus and conducted by Martin André.

Hope you enjoy the pics I’ve taken, I had so much in the ‘Opera Mosh Pit’ taking them.