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The Art of Noriyoshi Ohrai

Who!! you may not ask is Noriyoshi Ohrai? you may not know his name, but I’m certain you’ll know his work, especially if you are a fan of Star Wars like me. He indeed created what is to me, the most gorgeous Star Wars movie poster ever for The Empire Strikes Back.

Sadly the genius left us recently on October 27th at the age of 79, but his work definitely belongs in the stars in a galaxy far far away.

As for is body of work, and I know this may sound a bit repetitive to say from some previous blogs, but it’s sad to see that movie studios no longer go out of their way to commission artwork like this for movie posters, opting for these formula style Photoshop posters that just slap lots of layers of cut-out stills put together with a set pieces from the movies. Artwork like Ohrai’s stands out because it’s art first and marketing second, and studios would do well to start bringing more artistic posters to the forefront of film posters.

Ohrai’s Star Wars artwork is not quite as well-known as Drew Struzan, but we Star Wars fans have seen plenty of these images before and likely even have some of them our walls.

While his work is well-known by plenty, Ohrai himself was a very private person, revealing very few details of his personal life. But he’ll be missed just the same. Ohrai was born in 1935, and while he went to the Oil Painting Course at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, he dropped out in 1957, opting to work as a newspaper advertising editor as well as planning layouts and artwork for book publishing., but it was after this collaboration with Lucas and that famous film poster that Ohrai said goodbye to his former life in advertising and embraced the career of a film poster designer. He worked a lot with Lucasfilm and delivered some real master pieces.

…R.I.P.  Noriyoshi Ohrai

My Star Wars Valentine

The perfect Star Wars Valentine Card for the Geek/Geekess in your life with a lovely Silhouette from the classic scene in The Empire Strikes Back.

Artwork by Patrick Concepcion ©2013

Ice Factory

What happens when you Defrost an ‘Entire Building’? …..this!!

Ice Factory by Gary Roberts © 2013All images by Gary Roberts ©2013

Ever wondered what happens when a company abandons a warehouse that used to house ten floors of cold storage? Maybe not… but since I’ve now got you thinking, check out these awesome pictures by Gary Roberts of the Fulton Market Cold Storage Company building in Chicago, they almost look like scenes from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude or even the Wampa’s Ice Cave in The Empire Strikes Back

Prepare to be amazed… I was!!

The thawing out process itself wasn’t anything too amazing, although when you watch it as a time-lapse (see the video below), it’s pretty damn amazing.
Ice Factory Video