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Happy Christmas

This blog is really simple…I’ll let the typography and hand-lettering I’ve created do the talking… ‚ô•Carl


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Typography and ‘good’ Signage is quite a passion of mine, especially when its hand-crafted with the skill of the traditional sign-writers. The sign below really caught my eye and ticked all my boxes on a boys trip to Brighton, and I can say we did exact what The Sign Says and drank copious amounts of both the mentioned beverages…I did also have quite a hangover the following day as well ūüėČ

Part of The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Type in the Dark

You know how I love ‘GIF’s’ on MilnersBlog….the Graphics Interchange Format that was originally introduced by CompuServe in 1987,¬†but it’s now truly inspiring how these ‘simple’ GIF Animations are now expanding to really¬†become a new and¬†true art-form, none more so than this typographical one by¬†MountStar,¬†a Motion Graphic Designer and 3D Illustrator from¬†Fukuoka in Japan who is seriously ‘raising-the-bar’ in the field of Digital GIF animations, especially with his latest project Hidden Typography

Digital Wind GIF Continue reading Type in the Dark

The 12th Second of Christmas

12 : 12 : 12   :  12 : 12   :  2012 12-12-12-12th-Hour-12th-Day-2012-Typography-1-@Carl-Milner

This year ‘2012’ provides us with a truly¬†unique¬†moment in time on the 12th minute after 12 O’Clock & 12 Seconds, on the 12th Day of the 12th Month, 2012… Epic!.

But it got me thinking…how do we capture that moment… this precise second.

I came up with the idea to use my graphic design skills to¬†create¬†a typographical christmas wreath to symbolise this moment, although ‘thankfully’ through the design process it developed into a more fitting and festive ‘Christmas Tree’ thanks to observations from others.

The next stage was choosing the perfect typeface to build this¬†yuletide¬†moment in time, but I have to say… this was the easy part, as the typography¬†company¬†Aerotype had sent me a Promo PDF of their latest ‘Tattoo’ typeface Keepsake that had the most beautiful Glyphs, which can add so much character to any piece of typography.¬†Although beautiful as it was, I¬†couldn’t¬†afford to buy this gorgeous font for my simple task at hand, luckily I managed to extract from their PDF what I needed to create my christmas typo tree (sorry¬†Aerotype, no copyright¬†infringement¬†intended)… all in the name of Art.

Below is a ‘Tiled Gallery’ of my¬†initial¬†sketch ideas and all the ‘design-development’ concepts which lead to the final¬†piece…¬†but lets not forget this all¬†stemmed from that 12th Minute after 12 O’Clock & 12 Seconds, on the 12th Day of the 12th Month 2012
a true festive fragment in time

Designed & Created by Me ūüôā

Wordle: Typographical Cloud Maps

Wordle¬†is a fantastic typographical¬†tool for generating ‚Äúword clouds‚ÄĚ from text that you provide, or even better links to your Blog. The clouds will then give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in your posts. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. Continue reading Wordle: Typographical Cloud Maps