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Luna in a Sea of Clouds

Moon in a Sea of Clouds MilnersBlog No1
Moon in a Sea of Clouds MilnersBlog No3
Moon in a Sea of Clouds No4

Luna was a strange girl, she was pretty mad
When we felt sorry for ourselves she’d say it’s not so bad
Even the galaxies weep for the suns and the stars they’ll never be
We all laughed but we also felt quite sad

Luna by British Sea Power, extract from Valhalla Dancehall 

Moon Jet

Jet crossing the Moon over Leeds
This is one photograph I’ve wanted to capture for such a long time, I had a few near misses 6 months ago, but this morning it was a case of perfect timing to capture a Passenger Jet crossing the face of the Waning Gibbous August Moon over Leeds.
Moon and a Jet Sequence