The Dambuster

Took this shot at Derwent Reservoir in the Peak District of The Dambusters 70th Anniversary Flyby over the Dam.

The photograph made Fluidr’s top 50 images on Flickr today…coming in at No:48 🙂

33 thoughts on “The Dambuster”

  1. Great picture Carl! I just love this aircraft (but not quite as much as the fabulous DC3). 19 of these 38 tonne beasts flew 180 miles at a height of 35 feet, in the dark, without modern instrumentation to carry their one-time bombs to the Dams on the Rhur that were the energy generators of the third Reich. Half of them never made it back. Not a single crew member was over 25 years old.

    It’s so grerat that aircraft enthusiasts have restored a few examples of these planes and manage to pass the stringent Civil Aviation Authority inspections before getting their air worthyness certificates.

    Great Picture!

    1. I’m a massive Douglas DC-3 fan as well, especially the un-painted silver ones, their such a classic and sleek design.

      My Father-in-Law was an engineer on the Lancasters, hopefully my next post will be about some of the wonderful tales he keep telling me.

      I watched a programme last night showing some guys trying to re-create the bomb, the release and the low level flying, they really struggled with the 35ft, mainly because of the splash from the bomb.

      Thanks for kind compliment and info Bill 🙂

  2. Thank you Bill for that information. I was a child in Northen Italy when those young men flew as you say. I am ever so grateful for what America did for Europe then.
    Great picture of a marvelous looking airplane.

  3. I am forever fascinated by airplanes. How ever did you get this shot? Where were you? I am guessing you were on top of the Reservoir?

    1. There’s a ridge over looking the Dam heading up to Lost Lad on the Derwent Moors, it’s about 420-450ft above Dam, the Lancaster was flying at 300ft approaching the Dam…a great experience

  4. AWESOME! How did you ever manage to take the photo from above the plane … brilliant work, as always. Have a pleasant weekend now.

    1. Hi Viveka, the Lancaster came in low at 300ft ,I was on the Derwent Moor overlooking it at about 420ft…it was an amazing day ….keep well and enjoy the weekend as well 🙂

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