Now *I* am the Master!!

My love of Craig Drake‘s ‘Patrick Nagel’esque’ style of Graphic Art keeps on growing, I’m not saying I’ve fallen out of love with Nagel’s feisty erotic symbolic work, It just that Craig seems to have driven his monomaniacal style of work into ‘my’ trajectory of Geekdom. His current work constantly follows the themes of popular movie and TV culture, whilst still dabbling into the old geekologie archives of movies long past.

I’ve constantly updated my ‘Master and the Apprentice‘ blog (which talks about the comparisons between Drake and Nagel) with some of Craig’s latest additions, the likes of the beautiful Medusa and ‘Mother of Dragons’ Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, but his capture of Shotaro Kaneda from Akira depicts the character from my first venture into the Manga movies so perfectly.

Rather than just add to my ever-increasing ‘fandom’ gallery of his work, I’ve devoted this new blog to show evidence that this young Californian upstart has indeed become the ‘Master’ of this mode of expressing such a refined cleanness of Mondo Geek Art…Although, I maybe slightly bias in prematurely calling him the Master, this is mainly because he’s chosen some of my favourite movies of all time for his latest masterpieces, firstly Aliens with the aptly titled ‘Get away from her, YOU BITCH’ …a beautifully crafted ‘light and shade’ image of Ripley using a Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader aboard the USS Sulaco…(using my geek knowledge overload for that description. 😉 Then there’s ‘The Spinner’ from Blade Runner as Deckard ascends into the Future Noir skyline over LA, and then my second favourite ‘LEIA’ …I’m not sure this need any further explanation, It is after all… Star Wars. But for me his genius ‘paint’ stroke is the Han Solo and Lando Calrissian done in the style of Crockett & Tubb’s from Miami Vice… beautifully titled Bespin Vice, but called by some on his Facebook page Smuggler’s Blues, after the Miami Vice Soundtrack song by Glen Fray… Exquisite 

Craig in my eyes has finally shaken the dark shadow of being labelled a Patrick Nagel ‘style’ copyist and is now forging his own path with this theme of Mondo Art in the popular geek genre… I hope he keeps up this impressive volume of work.

I’ve included some of his other new work as well, Daft Punk,  Star Wars Vampire Leia, the Jedi ‘Night Sister’, Vampire Guitar player ‘Marceline’ + variants and an unreleased Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill.

7 thoughts on “Now *I* am the Master!!”

  1. Even if I’m not a converted fan yet …. I really like most of Craig’s art here … my favorites is Leia and the Jerdi Night Sister. Shed of Tear … is beautiful, Thanks for sharing. I hope the summer has been good to you and your girls, but I think I already have asked that question. The age .. you know.

  2. HI Viveka, having a truly lovely summer thanks, nice to have some long periods of warm weather, hope you are as well

    Glad you picked some Star wars ones as your favourites …big *smiles

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