A Night at Temple Newsam

Whilst photographing Meteors and Space Stations in my previous blog post (Perseid Meteor Showers) I also managed to capture the haunting stillness of Temple Newsam House at night, although I didn’t get to close to the house, as the famous Blue Lady ghost might have been at home 😦

Hope you enjoy my photo-tour of Temple Newsam House at Night..

14 thoughts on “A Night at Temple Newsam”

      1. I think I would be more afraid walking home on empty streets in a big city … I like the mystery in that photo .. what will be waiting around the bend. *smile

      2. I think when people see me with a big metal tripod over my shoulder, they don’t seem to bother me…thank god

        …I’m glad no one was behind that corner. lol:)

    1. Thanks Alex, I seem to have got my manual night time settings on the camera just how I like them now… Plus it’s my favourite time for a photo-shoot.

      TYSM for the lovely comment BTW 🙂

      Carl 🙂

    1. I totally love visiting that place with the Trusty camera, night or day, but the night visit was scary and exciting at the same time.

      Might go back and do a star trail shot, which will mean me staying for quite some time… On my own 😦

  1. Carl, The cloud formations in some of the photos are quite eerie. I like the way the sky glows from the intensity of the city lights in the photo ‘Who turned on the lights?’

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