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Halloween Brain Blood Vodka

Halloween Drinks Blood Brain Vodka Shooters 02
With Halloween just around the corner, this has to be best Halloween ‘Themed’ Drinks idea for the budding mad scientist to create, simply add chilled Vodka and Lime juice to a shot glass, then use a straw or small tea-spoon to drip Irish cream into the mix. The acidity from the lime juice will cause the Irish cream to curdle, creating realistic blobs of ‘brain’ and for that extra ‘gore’ just add a few drops of blood-red grenadine into the drinks and abracadabra you have Halloween Blood Brain Vodka Shots.
Halloween Drinks Blood Brain Vodka Shooters 01


Lonely Church

St Mary’s Church, Lead
(near Saxton) Tadcaster, North Yorkshire (Also know as The Ramblers’ Church)

St Marys Chapel Lead near Saxton North Yorkshire 01
This shot won the Awesome Architectural Shot (AAS) of the Day on Instagram

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This was so much fun to be apart of over the last six weeks, with the final theme ‘Calm’ my favourite one. Thanks again to Ian Street at Into The Orchard for such a brilliant idea, looking forward to the next ‘Photo Fun’ project?

Into The Orchard

So incredibly the summer holidays have drawn to a close and with it our #summerphotofun project.  As I mentioned when we started this me and the kids had no idea what would happen and if anyone would show any interest, in fact it was their idea to put it on the blog to see what would happen, but these last six weeks have been really special.  People who I have not met and had no knowledge of before this have got involved and as well as the pictures I’ve started to get to know new and interesting people through this which I hope will continue.  Each week people have chipped in with their interpretations of the themes picked by the kids and it has been wonderful watching them all come in and seeing how different people all view the same subject.  My own children have grasped the idea and as…

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Really looking forward to seeing Krankenhaus 6 with these guys over at Into The Orchard

Into The Orchard

British Sea Power are a quintessentially British rock group.

They have been ploughing their own unique musical furrow for around seven years now and they seem to get more eccentric as they get older. Not for them the trappings of arena stardom, oh no. They prefer to play in Cornish tin mines and release EPs every month. I wrote a post on them some time back which you can read here.

I’ve just got back from seeing them at their own club night in Bright on called Krankenhaus.

In line with their own, shall we say *unique brand of thinking* they are not touring this year (after a couple of particularly heavy years on the road) instead hosting their own evenings where they can do what the hell they like. Each month the format differs but it basically centres around BSP playing a full set. On this occasion it…

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One of the best Sci-Fi book blogs I’ve read recently by Ian Street, brilliantly researched and written

Into The Orchard

Picture Credit: Bertrand Benoit

A few weeks ago I became involved in a few comment exchanges after Phil Kirby’s post ‘There’s more to life than books you know (but not much more)’ on the fabulous Culture Vulture blog . Phil had described (with tongue sort of in cheek I think) his dislike for many forms of literature including graphic novels and sci-fi. The graphic novel was quickly put to bed with the mention of Maus (Art Spiegleman), a book for me that uniquely showcases what can be achieved through the graphic medium and, I’d argue, deals with the subject matter in a way so powerful it surpasses the traditional written format. If you’ve not read it then I would urge you to get hold of a copy and prepare to be amazed.

We then of course moved on to the thorny issue of sci-fi where I knocked up a hasty…

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