HAIL Drake

My favourite artist Craig Drake is truly in full swing for 2016 with his brand new poster celebrating the new film Hail, Caesar! The movie is the Coen Brothers’ love letter to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Craig’s addition focuses on Scarlett Johansson’s starlet character, DeeAnna Moran, and it’s rendered with the striking lines and an exquisite  use of shadow, reminiscent of the ones evoked in many of the film noir movies of that Hollywood era.

Here’s a quick word from Craig himself:

“I was heavily inspired by George Lucas’ personal collection of golden age Hollywood movie posters which lined the walls of Lucasfilm’s SF headquarters. I’ve been wanting to work in 40’s & 50’s noir style for some time! Applying it to the Coen Brothers’  Hail Caesar! film was the most perfect fit. They are masters at immersing you in this era. Especially films like The Hudsucker Proxy, one of my all time favorites.”

The Print is available at the Hero Complex Gallery

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