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70 Years of Batman Evolution: From Kane to Nolan

70 Years of Batman From Kane To Nolan

Great Batman Evolution Infographic by @blairerickson

Animated GIF Comics Covers

What if your old Marvel and DC comic covers were animated?

Well here’s a few classic comic book covers that have received a little animated GIF treatment. The comics included here are Justice League’s The Wheel Of Misfortune, Spider-Man’s Final Chapter, Batman’s The Dark Knight Returns,(CLASSIC)  and Iron Man’s Demon In A Bottle, I think these awesome animated comic covers are a little twee, but nice. Check them out below and tell me what you think!

The were created by Kerry Callen.

Black & White Batman

Eddie Newell's Black & White Batman Art

Brilliant comic book artist Eddy Newell has created these awesome Black & White Batman Art.

Eddy has been a comic-book artist for many different publishers, including DC, Marvel, and Image Comics, since 1989. He is best known for his work on DC Comics BLACK LIGHTNING, and various Moonstone Books comics and covers, which include art for the WEREWOLF THE APOCALYPSE series of books.

Eddy is currently at work on the CAMELOT FOREVER mini-series for Skystorm Studio, and a new SABRE story for Desperado Publishing.

Eddie Newell's Black & White Batman Art

Check out his other Superhero art at Eddy