Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Delicate ©Carl Milner MilnersBlog
The winter frost and freezing fog proved an opportunity too good to miss yesterday, so armed with ‘trusty the camera’ it provided me with a brief moment in time capture some images which are so fitting for this weeksWeekly Photo Challenge theme of Delicate. I witnessed beautiful  intricate spiders webs in the frost and winter grasses in suspended animation, it was a perfect lunchtime walk.

57 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate”

  1. Delicate is the right word – magical too. I like webs – with frost or rain on – otherwise I probably want see them. My pick of your delicate bunch.. is the top photo with the yellow berries.

    1. I was going to do just ‘Web Photo’ post called Winter Web Wonders (WWW) until I saw this weeks photo challenge, so the frozen grasses wouldn’t have made the cut otherwise… glad you liked them Viveka 🙂

      1. Yeah, we’ve had a week of sub-zero days…so lots of frost and ice. Just a tiny sprinkle of snow so far though! And today suddenly the temp shot up and its 7 degrees outside 🙂

      2. Same here, quite warm for once with blue skies.

        BTW: I’d love to know how you created your Category Archives Page…searched all over but can’t find a solution

      3. I did it a few months ago…it was all a bit trial and error….so from what I can remember…Go to ‘my blog’, click ‘dashboard’, chose ‘appearance’ from the left side bar, chose ‘menus’ from here. Then in the menus page you can chose a name (any name you like as it doesn’t appear on the page) for you menu…then under ‘catagorie’s click the ‘most used’ drop down menu, and tick the catagoroes you want to appear on the page header. You can always go back and give old posts any new catagory tags you would like to use. When you have ticked all you want, just hit add to Menu…..These selected catagories should appear on the right of this page now. Use custom link to add a home catagory if you want it, adding your blogs URL. Use Pages to display specific pages eg. your about page. All these should now appear in a bar/menu on your blog…mine appears under my header.
        Clear as mud?? Hope this helps, and that I haven’t missed out any vital steps. Will look out for your new look blog 🙂

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