My 360 Degree Neighbourhood

Interactive 360° Virtual Panorama of East Leeds

Interactive 360 Degree Panorama of East Leeds 2013Click on the image, which will open up a new window for you to explore My Neighbourhood

Great theme this week for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge ‘MY Neighbourhood’ … but I thought, why show just a few shots of My Neighbourhood, but instead show you the ENTIRE surroundings where I live in the form of a Interactive Virtual Panorama. The shot was taken on top of a Clock Tower in East Leeds which is part of my Clock Tower Trilogy (part 2 coming soon) I’ll tell you more about my experience taking this image then, and how I put it all together…but for now, enjoy My Neighbourhood.

25 thoughts on “My 360 Degree Neighbourhood”

  1. Fantastic idea … but the quality of the picture .. when I tried to watch and move around was so blurry for some reason – Leeds, fantastic city .. and some great days and nights there.

    1. Hi Viveka, hope your well after the trip…

      I think I’ve made it the image too big in terms of file size, I’ll drop in a smaller file later… Glad you liked it and especially our wonderful city 🙂 Carl

      1. Love Leeds … only on the wrong side of Britain when living in Belfast .. always stayed at Plaza – we had our veg supplier in Leeds.

  2. Great vantage point – looks like a lovely place to live! No problems with the resolution – just have to let it load but then again it may depend on the server…

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